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Anti PM2.5 masks complete analysis
Release Time: 2015-8-27 17:10:14
In Japan, both the street, subway, or airport, railway stations, even in the company there are people wearing masks. Multiple flu season is not unusual that people wear a mask, but the Japanese, masks it is part of their daily wear, and even the formation of a mask fashion. In China, because of frequent fog in some areas, air pollution ......), more and more people have begun to wear masks, some for outdoor dust, PM2.5, and some because of the flu or lessen the symptoms of allergic rhinitis, more who, purely for aesthetic or maintained faint mystery.


Indoors, there is a lot of air purification products, but you can not carrying them out of it. So ...... choose a valid masks essential!
Gauze masks:
In 1861, Louis Pasteur discovered germs exist in the air, and then may cause surgical wound infections, so in the late nineteenth century, doctors and nurses began to cover your mouth and nose with gauze.






CE protective masks: anti PM2.5

The new motion mask: Suitable for driving motorcycles, bicycles and various sports occasions, dust, exhaust, anti PM2.5, can replace the filter.

Wear a mask Tips:


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